Few things stimulate creativity like learning a new thing.

A totally different thing.

Something you’d never normally think to learn about. Where’s why:

Industries do things a certain way. For instance, SaaS businesses advertise and educate in very different ways than agricultural farmers do. Totally different sectors.

Learning about another industry and you’ll learn a whole new certain way. Those farmers have been doing supply chain analysis and strategic partnerships long before the SaaS sector even existed, and can learn so much from a divergent perspective.

You may see things differently as a result of what you learn. When you see ideas that could have been weird or inconceivable in your industry, be completely normal in another, it shifts your thinking. You’re engaged by ideas you may not have been otherwise. You’ll see things you didn’t see before.

Pick a thing. Something you’ve shown no interested in and have no knowledge of.

Learn about it. See what it does to your work.