‘Modern’ has a short shelf-life.

Pursuing a ‘modern’ website means it won’t be modern when the trends change.

Chasing a ‘modern’ demographic means churning through people, each wave with needs different to the last.

Needing the latest ‘modern’ tools means your pocket never has the same device for long, even if each does the same things as its predecessor.

Wanting a ‘modern’ workplace means adopting behaviour, operations and culture from the innovation conveyor-belt, regardless of what’s on it.

Perhaps ‘modern’ isn’t what we’re looking for.

Maybe we want a website that speaks to our audience. Maybe our work changes to accommodate our audience, rather than the other way around. Maybe the right tools for the job aren’t always what’s hot off the press. Maybe the right workplace culture is one that represents our values, rather than the values of big tech and business news cycles.

Perhaps what we’re looking for is the opportunity to do good work for people we like, with people we like.

That has a much longer shelf-life.