You do what you do through a lens.

You do it whether you know it or not.

But knowing it makes your work oh-so-much-better.

To find yours, here are a couple of examples:

When our coaching team creates coaching processes, they make processes through the lens of teachability and repeatability. Our focus on extracting audience narrative insights quickly means we need to be able to methodically equip team members (or those we serve) to repeat the process independently. 
That disqualifies permission for individual ‘gurus’ to show up, or excess process bloat that makes learning difficult. Our lens guides their focus.

When our development team writes code, they write code through the lens of accessibility and flexibility. Our focus on rapid re-expression of audience narrative means what we build needs to be able to iterate regularly based on what we (or those we serve) learn, and those iterations need to be accessible to as many people as possible.

That disqualifies needless technical debt, inflexible frameworks, and unnecessary whiz-bang. Our lens guides their focus.

What’s your lens?