Your goal is not my goal. Your goal is probably not the same as your competitor’s, either.

So don’t compare:

My goal might be to create an environment that’s calm, steady, predictable, creative. Those might not be among your goals.

Your goal might be to re-invest profit as quickly as possible to maximise business growth while minimising corporation tax. That might not be among my goals.

When you observe the development of other companies or the progress of other individuals, it’s natural to compare.

But as we know, for things to be compared, they must share axes. They must demonstrate statistical relevance that helps us draw useful conclusions.

When your goals and my goals don’t place the same value the same things or quantify information in the same way, they can’t (or shouldn’t be) be compared.

Outperform yourselves.

Outdo yourself.

But don’t compare. You’ll only slow yourself down.