Do you represent your work?

Not just by being a spokesperson for the product. But by truly representing your work.

Chrysippus – sometimes known as “the second founder” or the third head of the school of Stoicism – supposedly wrote 500 lines a day. Not words, lines. An estimate states he wrote more than 700 papers on his work.

Similarly, Seneca supposedly read every day. “Reading, I hold, is indispensable”, he claimed. Not every sometimes, every day. This represented the belief that writing and reading should be pursued in equal measure.

Seth Godin writes a blog post every day. “I don’t write every day because I have lots of good ideas, I have lots of good ideas because I write every day”, he said. This happened to be the quote that motivated me to start writing every day 1,255 days ago.

Epictetus said, “Don’t explain your philosophy. Embody it.”   The same is true for your body of work.

Do you embody yours?