Do those with the best marketing win? We’ve seen brands with great ads in the past, things we may have shared with others. But we don’t remember their names now, because they didn’t live up to their promise.

Do those with the best product win? We may not have heard about the best products in many markets we participate in, only the ones that negotiated shelf space, or who played the Amazon game.

Do those with a different point of view win? If they’re different in a way we’d love, but there’s no product behind it for us to engage with and the marketing isn’t working, we don’t get the opportunity to love them.

So what, then? A different point of view, expressed as a better product, with marketing that works. The point all three meet is a successful intersection.

How do we get these things? We listen to our audience, we have the conversation they want to have, while being mindful of our role in the conversation and the new way forward we can carve for them.