You’re not ‘supposed’ to colour outside the lines.

The lines were put there to tell you where to put the colours, right?

Same is true of the marketplace. “You’re a bank teller.” “You’re a chef.” “You’re a writer.” There are lines, for us to colour inside.

But what if we coloured outside?

What would be possible if…

  • A restaurant chef decided to harness his/her copywriting skills?
  • An entrepreneur decided to harness his/her illustrator skills?
  • A philosopher decided to leverage his/her programming skills?

Had any ideas yet? I’m sure you have!

Great ideas, great teams and great work can occur when you colour outside of the lines.

They’re just often easier to see in others than for ourselves, where the lines are more clearly defined.

What would happen if you (and those in your team) dared to bring your quirks and inconsistencies to work as an asset?