Are you an expert in your industry?

Do you advise others with your expertise, either internally during product development or externally as a consultant?

Do you call upon experts to bestow ‘best practices’ on you and your business?


Experts worth their salt use mental filters to work their way toward their best advice. Sometimes, they’re switched on and share astute insights. Other times, they’re fixated on a trend. Either way, they’ll share what they believe is best, in the moment, from the signals available to them.

There are limitations here. The quality of their critical thinking skills. The signals available to them. How much caffeine they drank.

To level up our work from relying upon being an expert, we need process.

Process to systemise access to best thinking available to you. Process to consolidate more signals than any one person can keep track of, calling upon them as needed. Process that leverages experts without being bound to the above limitations. Process that routinely gets better with every interaction, rather than just when the coffee’s strong and the schedule’s light.

Experts are cool. Process is not.

That’s why everyone reveres experts.

What if you were to revere process?