“It’s always been there. But somehow, we’ve all become too smart for our own good. We think, ‘Oh, no, we need some profound idea or some view of the market so that I don’t have to go through that process of learning about the world again.” – David Cancel, Drift

Many of us fall victim to this.

Industry experts. Businessmen. Product designers. C-suite. Copywriters. Marketing managers.

When we stop learning about our world, it moves on without us.

Industry advice changes but you won’t hear it. Marketing “hacks” that were ‘in’ will be ‘out’ and you’ll have no idea (much less how to get off the rollercoaster of ‘hacks’). Customer desires will shift while you keep solving problems nobody has anymore.

Most entrepreneurs I talk to think they don’t have time to learn about the world again.

That is, until they realise(d) that the quantity of their success is in direct proportion to the quality of their communication (that includes listening and learning).

What did you (re-)learn about your world this week?