When something new enters the market, a concern many folks share is whether or not it’ll become a sunk cost.

New is exciting.

“Next-gen. Revolutionised. Supercharged, building the future. Featured on ProductHunt.” Things we can’t rely on to be here tomorrow because they were built to be exciting, today.

What’s the alternative?

“Mature. Est’d 1987. Excel. Illustrator. Skype. Not featured on ProductHunt because it didn’t exist back when we launched.” Products that manage to do something useful, pay their own bills, and do the same tomorrow. Things we can rely on because they were build to be relied upon.

We can assure the market that our work may become a sunk cost by reminding them of how exciting it is, today.

Or we can assure them that we’re committed to it not being a sunk cost by reminding them of our commitment to showing up tomorrow.