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April 09, 2018     Daily Post

Don’t forget charm

Is your team charming?

The pursuit of “perfect” often overcooks products into “sterile”:

  • Every book on the Kindle is the same. No dog-eared pages, coffee stains, or torn dust covers. Just millions of words. ‘Perfect.’
  • Every song on Apple Music is the same. No pops and noise, scratched discs, or storage limits. Just millions of songs. ‘Perfect.’
  • Every movie on Netflix is the same. No cinema times, overpriced drinks, or kids kicking the back of your chair. Just tens of thousands of movies. ‘Perfect.’

Except they’re not perfect.

Kindle books have no memories, lower retention, and no personality. Apple Music has no secrets, no social glue, and winner-takes-all algorithms. Netflix has no date magic, few favorites, and no ‘I went to see that’ experience.

Unless you make pacemakers, the pursuit of ‘perfection’ shouldn’t erase variety and charm.