What do these quotes all have in common?

You’ve probably heard many of them yourself:

“Hi there, let me tell you all about my product, by the way here’s my card, and here’s another, tell your friends…” — at networking events

“Thanks for having me on, it’s an honour to be on the stage with such game-changers, real quick here’s a bit about me” – on social-audio app Clubhouse

“Thank you for following us, please also LIKE our Facebook Page and connect with us on LinkedIn” — Twitter direct messages

“I hope you have great success in 2021. How does your calendar look in next week for a Zoom call?” – LinkedIn messages

They’re all used for marketing/outreach, and they’re all about themselves.

You’ve heard many of them before because they’re normal.

To surpass normal, remember that marketing isn’t about you.

To surpass normal, make your words less about you, and more about the journey those you’re talking to are on right now.

To surpass normal, care more.