Don’t sell dots.

Selling dots is hard and unfruitful.

Between the Problem experienced in the lives of those we serve, and the Solution they seek, is a line.

We get to be a Dot on that line (part of the journey that bridges those poles) if we want to be.

The problem with most marketing activity is that it focuses exclusively on the Dot, its benefits, and how marvellous it is. Not the line it rests on.

Focusing on your Dot only interests people who happen to be shopping for Dots (not many), requiring you to sell better than the other Dot salesman in your market (hard).

Focusing on the line interests people who have embarked on that journey (everyone you can help), requiring you to simply show up with empathy and understanding to outperform those still stuck selling Dots (easier).

The less it’s about you (and your Dot) the more you’re likely to engage those you wish to serve.

Why sell a Dot when selling the line is so much more effective?