If your message matters, put it out in the Open:

Open is your accessible website. No logins, no country limits, no being bought by Facebook and shut down. Open for all who need your support.

Open is your RSS-enabled blog. No third-party paywalls and content/distribution restrictions. Just the words people need, out in the Open.

Open is an email address you reply with. No “sign up to chat”, no app to download, no waiting lines. Just connection with people who need you, out in the Open.

Open is your podcast. No “only available on iPhone”, no subscription barriers, no limits on consumption. Just your voice straight to those who need to hear it, out in the Open.

If your people are on proprietary channels like Twitter, or Clubhouse, or Reddit, please meet them where they are. They need you to show up.

But if you want to be able to show up long-term, build a place we can always find you… out in the Open.