If it were gone, would those you wish to service miss:

Your product or service? Is there meaningful, useful advantage that you bring that others would reach out asking for were it to be gone?

Your team? Is it’s ability to do what it does contagious enough in spirit and culture, and skilled enough in deployment, that others would sorely miss working with you?

That particular feature? The one you thought was super-important, would people reach out desperate for its return, or is it perhaps not that important?

That report or meeting? Is it integral to what you do, or could you go without and still do what you do just fine?

Your social media posts? If you stopped posting tomorrow, would someone reach out asking what happened?

When evaluating what makes our work important, it’s worth asking ourselves, “Would they miss it if it was gone?”

Could you be doing more things that they would, and less of what they wouldn’t?