Every sometimes, I have a strange chat with someone on our Creative team.

In that chat, we tear apart our products and services. We look for holes, flaws, things that could be improved, ways that something could slip through the cracks.

Sometimes I’ll be put straight on something I missed (where the work was strong), other times a product development opportunity emerges (where the work wasn’t strong enough).

What’s the point in this?

  • If there’s a fault, someone will find it. I’d rather it be us than a client.
  • If there’s room for improvement, we owe it to our clients to find it and do something about it.
  • If there’s something that doesn’t make sense, we owe it to not-yet-clients to bring clarity to things that don’t.

No work is perfect. If we get into apologetics, we miss opportunities to do better. If we get into tearing apart our own work, our work gets better.

Any of us trying to build great things owe it to others to challenge our own work, for their benefit.