There are always a flood of articles about what you must do in any new year. These posts are likely going to be arduous regurgitations or whatever the trends are at the time.

Chasing trends isn’t a path to success. Good marketing isn’t about blending in and doing all of your competitors are doing. It’s about doing what your audience needs from you, regardless of what has your competitors attention.

Avoid linear tactics

If the trends say you should use Facebook Messenger bots but your audience isn’t on Facebook, don’t use Facebook Messenger bots. If they’re like receiving physical mail best and your competitors are obsessed with sending emails, where do you think your opportunity lies?

Focus on communication

Every year that rolls by, I wonder if anyone is going to add the importance of good communication to their list. They never do. What if you took an existing effective channel and improved your messaging skills, do you think that would make it more effective?

There’s a new marketing toy available seemingly every week. Ignore the noise and invest in things that last. Leave the freneticism to your competition.