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January 03, 2021     Daily Post

We Earn Our Badges

We Earn Our Badges

Do you earn your badges?

It’s easy for folks to add “writer” to their Twitter bio because they wrote a blog post once. But “writer” and “wrote once” are different things, one is the ongoing pursuit of creating and publishing work, the other is merely something that happened in the past.

It’s easy to add “serial-entrepreneur” to that bio because someone had multiple ideas they couldn’t stick to, that failed. It sounds good, impresses mothers, but doesn’t accurately depict the ongoing pursuit of actively creating and sharing products and services that create meaningful advantage in the lives of others.

We earn our badges. Badges describe what we actively do. Copywriters write great copy. Designers make great designs. Developers write great code. Salespeople make great sales. Leaders lead things into being.

Whatever our role, there’s a result that is our privilege and joy to produce. Those we serve (and serve alongside) are relying on us to produce those things today, and again tomorrow.