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April 01, 2018     Daily Post

Market hypocrite

What is a “Market Hypocrite”?

It’s sadly much of the market: teams that make promises they’re not equipped to keep. They know it, but are unlikely to admit it, even to themselves:

  • Don’t trust an obese dietitian: They’re unlikely to have the answer, but will promise they do.
  • Don’t trust a broke marketer: They may compromise their genius by selling falsehoods.
  • Don’t trust a counselor on wife #6: They don’t have a good record of reconciliation.

Prove your genius before asking others to believe in you.

Those who do this don’t need to hide behind sensationalism and flash sales. They get to communicate transparently, deliver consistently, and keep their promises.

Are there any areas of your team you risk being a “Market Hypocrite”?