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December 21, 2020     Daily Post

Operating On Yourself in Business

Operating On Yourself in Business

I wouldn’t recommend trying to operate on yourself.

If you offer IT services, it’s probably really easy for you to provision IT solutions to clients. Yet your own IT setup is probably more complex, ill-defined and not quite finished. Why is that?

If you offer branding services, there’s likely a science to your work that makes every client engagement smooth and simple. Yet your own brand is probably a mess rebrands with several generations of logomarks scattered across your collateral. Why is that?

Operating on yourself is hard. You feel everything and those feelings change things.

But when we remember to make our work about our audience, rather than about ourselves – when we treat our internal work with the same method and discipline as we do client deliverables – things become easier.

Perhaps, finally, that unfinished business might get finished, and you can be proud to model the results you bring to the word yourself.