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December 18, 2020     Daily Post

Thank You For Selling Me

Thank You For Selling Me

When do you say, “Thank you”?

Most of us thank others when we appreciate something nice they’ve done for us.

We’re thanked for a sales call when the call changes someone’s world for the better. Not for an expected or typical result, but for a result and an experience that far exceeds what they expected.

We’re thanked for a product delivery when the product completely rocked their world. When it’s not merely a fulfilled transaction, but an experience that far exceeded what they expected.

We’re thanked for sending a cold outbound email when that email completely shifted their thinking. When it’s not like the spam they receive daily, but something that exceeded what they expected was possible

Our Creative team gets thanked for all three fairly regularly because of the focus on exceeding what folks expect.

You can do the same in your work.

We simply need to make our craft our joy, then exceed expectations by caring more.