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December 17, 2020     Daily Post

Demonstrating Values

Demonstrating Values

Do you demonstrate your values?’sDumpster Fire” lets people fed up with receiving spammy emails have them printed and burned before their eyes. For an email service designed to fight invasive, spammy emails, this is a great awareness campaign. They demonstrated their values.

Microsoft’s promise of a more integrated, collaborative approach to product and ecosystem development was reflected by creating a massive open source portfolio and the acquisition of leading open source platform, GitHub. They demonstrated what they value.

When our Creative team was fed up of receiving pithy sales/development offers, we decided to create time-intensive, value-crammed web pages for individual companies and email them over without any tracking or expectation of reciprocity. For a team in a space that specialises in lousy outreach, we wanted to go the opposite direction as a defiant advocate for how things could be. We demonstrate what we value.

You could tell people all about what you would do if you had the opportunity to serve.

Or you could just demonstrate your values and start serving.