When you shop online, you buy a thing, then it arrives at your door a few days later.

Right there, the thing that you bought. A transaction complete, a purchase complete.

It’s sort of like magic.

But it misses the key part of magic: you bought and you got what you ordered, but you didn’t receive.

There are certain, little-known (outside of their circles) online retailers that go further.

Yes, they ship you what you ordered. But they gift wrap that item for you with paper and ribbon. They leave a note with it. They enclose a little chocolate with the unwrapping experience. They make it like receiving a Christmas present, every time you buy something.

The cost of paper, ribbon and individual chocolates doesn’t much affect the P&P, or the P&L. But it changes everything.

You didn’t just buy something. You received something special.

We can all do things like this in our respective bodies of work. Things that change everything.

Do you?