Got clarity over where you’re going?

Impatient execution comes next:

You know what you want and it’s not done yet. The messaging, the product, the campaigns and the new website and the customers and the retweets, the list goes on.

And so you rush. Chasing vendors for tighter deadlines, throwing money at suboptimal advertising, making desperate claims in your offers. This is inpatient execution. It burns bridges and loses trust.

The alternative is to know what you want and be okay that it’s not done yet. The same messaging, product, campaigns and websites, all the same things, incomplete.

But because you didn’t rush your vendors, they didn’t rush your output – they made things properly. The advertising wasn’t rushed because you took the time to understand what people need to hear. Your offers benefitted from those same insights.

This is patient execution. It builds relationships, trust, and bodies of work you (and the rest of us) can rely on.