Who are your competitors?

Other industry players? They could be, if you decide to paint within the lines and conduct yourself precisely as everyone else does, adding or removing nothing from the formula or the result. Moving the goal posts is allowed, doing things differently changes who you can be compared to.

Industry alternative players? They could be, if you decide to fight for the same result as it is perceived in the buyer’s mind, without creating new clarity that could elevate their understanding and change the buying criteria. Again, moving the goal posts is allowed if it brings more meaningful advantage to those you serve.

Industry titans? They could be, if you strive to be just like them, painting you as merely a “not quite as good” version of them. The alternative is to strive to be precisely what is best for those in the market who aren’t perfectly served by the mega corps, making that which makes you different, that which makes you better.

You choose your own competition. Who did you pick?