Trump lost the US Presidential elections.

He’s being a sore loser, and so are his followers. He’s teaching his tribe that failure is to be contended, rather than learned from. And so riots and juvenile tantrums pervade the streets of DC.

Lincoln lost his run for house speaker, nomination for Congress, renomination for Congress, his run for Senate (twice) and nomination for Vice President. Yet he taught perseverance by learning and trying again, rather than by meltdowns. Trying that led the US to Union victory over oppressive world-views bearing the same flags being waved by Trump followers today.

Whether a civil war against confederates or accusations of ballot fraud, the inner war continues: Will we learn from our failures and be better because of them, or will we yield to an inner-child and cry about it?

We each get to decide, regardless of country or creed, which side wins in that battle.