Is it possible to make life or business decisions that only exist in the future, today?

Without a crystal ball or guessing?


When we’re inconsistent with ourselves and our work, more decisions need to be made. When choices such as “the simpler option” vs “the more elaborate option”, or “the better value one” vs “the cheaper one” are on the table ready for decision making, who knows which you’ll choose if you’ve not defined what you value?

When we do the work of enforcing consistency with ourselves and our work, less decisions need to be made. The previous examples answer themselves if we know you favour brevity and functional over fancy at a discount, for instance.

We get to choose to see the world through whatever lenses we choose, both individually and collectively as a team.

Defining clearly what you value – for yourself and for those you serve – is almost like having that crystal ball: everyone knows what you stand for, what you’ll promise the market and what you’ll deliver when we buy from you.