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November 17, 2020     Daily Post

Tools That Make You Better

Tools That Make You Better

Do your tools inspire you to do better?

Or are they just ways of getting stuff done?

Apple Photos makes organising and accessing my photos easy, encouraging me to take more photos. Adobe Lightroom wraps my shots with photography tutorials and precision tools, which inspires me to take better photos.

Gmail makes keeping tons of emails easy thanks to good search and Big Tech-subsidised pricing, encouraging me to send more emails. Basecamp’s ‘Hey’ email service passionately combats trackers and emails you don’t want to receive, which inspires me to send better emails.

A chewed trade-show ballpoint pen is throw-away, encouraging me to write more words. A fountain pen is more delicate and requires more care, inspiring me to write better words.

What if you chose your tools not just on what solves the problem, but on what helps you elevate yourself beyond what you expected of yourself and your solution?