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November 15, 2020     Daily Post

Organised Genius

Organised Genius

Are you great at what you do?


Do you have organised genius, or disorganised genius?

Disorganised genius is a gamble. It’s when you know how to do great things, but every project is a blank canvas with no structure, checks or reviews to enable you to access consistent greatness. You’ll remember some things and forget others, creating something great but not as great as you’re capable of.

Organised genius you can bet on. It’s when you know how to do great things, and you wrote down precisely how to do them. Every project benefits from both you and your tried-and-true processes and blueprints that enable you to guarantee a result. You don’t need to remember everything, because you didn’t go it alone. Creating something great is easy because the height of your capability isn’t the piece, but the process you made to make the piece.

One’s a gamble, the other you can bet on.

Which would you prefer to go all-in on?