Are you an expert in your field?

The answer is interesting.

We want to hear “Yes!” because it makes us feel looked after, comforted by the thought that you have a subject covered entirely. “You got this.”

But hearing “No!” is more often the relationship true experts have with their craft. The more they know, the more they know they don’t know, and the more humbled they feel by their areas of practice.

A library of books you’ve not yet read reminds us that our knowledge is finite, we have yet more to learn.

A discipline of perpetually learning from our customers – instead of assuming we have all the answers – ensures we stay close to their reality rather than an inner delusion where ‘we know everything’.

Needing to know it all and be the guru makes us dumb, and limits the results of our work.

Improving our relationships with ‘not knowing’ takes us further, beyond our competitors, beyond so many who’s ego requires them to be seen as “the expert”.

We, our work, and those we serve all benefit from it.