Sure, you don’t.

Unless you have something important to share that will help people move forward. If your product or service creates meaningful, ethical advantage for others, why not share the thinking that goes behind it so that we can learn what makes it so great?

Unless you want to nurture your responsibility as a leader for those you serve. If you recognise that fiduciary responsibility, why not act upon it in using an evergreen medium that everyone can use and understand?

Unless you want to show us all a better way of achieving what we want from your space. If you have an opinion that could – or has – formed a movement, why not enrol others in that movement so we can all benefit, together?

Maybe a blog could be a good idea after all.

(P.S. To those who are unsure of whether or not they’ll run out of things to say, this post is day 1,060 of this daily blog. They’re there, if you’re prepared to do the work.)