We can all probably agree that learning is good.

But most of us don’t have a process for learning.

In our teams I often advocate for “Process + Work + Humility” as a formula for creating results in our respective areas of practice.

The ‘Work’ and ‘Humility’ parts are fairly easy to grasp. But ‘Process’?

Everything we do is subject to a process, it may just not be a particularly great or repeatable one. The way we make a cup of tea may have more process to it than our pursuits of advanced understanding.

Making tea is easy because we’ve done it the same way many times. Learning can be just as straightforward, with the right process.

When we aren’t creating the results we want in almost any area of life, providing we can bring ‘work’ and ‘humility’ to the table, we need simply install a better ‘process’ to learning so that we can approach the challenges in work and life with more favourable, predictable outcomes.