Unless it has stewards.

Process needs stewards. It goes stale when you think you’re done making process. When it’s ‘done’, it stops getting better, it stops reflecting the best of your knowledge. Stewards represent the results by ensuring the process reflects the greatest your team has to offer.

Products need stewards. They go stale when you think they’re the best on the market. When it’s ‘done’, it slows while others reap the rewards of your coasting. Stewards represent the market by ensuring the product reflects the needs of those it serves.

Technology needs stewards. Projects go stale when maintainers think it’s finished. When it’s ‘finished’, tech moves on, as do the contributors who made it possible. Stewards represent the developers who use and contribute to it, so that the project stays alive and healthy.

Every part of your company needs a steward. Someone to stand in the gap, representing the work, committed to making it better, whether it’s you or someone else.

Do you have stewards in place, to ensure your greatness doesn’t go stale?