There always seems to be a rhythm with work:

It starts off simple. We’re taking a few courses and reading around the subject, getting acquainted with its principles. “Seems simple enough”, we think, as we make our way through the basics.

Then it gets complex. We become aware of all the possibilities and buttons. And so we must press those buttons and model those possibilities so the world will know that we found them.

Then it gets simple again. So familiar with this new skill set or toolbox that we no longer feel the need to use every tool, every time. Heck, we see that most tools fit into one of a few categories anyway, and the art behind our new practice becomes clear.

Strategies, code, design, writing, speaking, math, science, philosophy, all fields of practice (that I’ve experienced anyway!) seem to follow these three stages. And all who experience them appear to find themselves in one of these three stages.

People in stage 1 admire stage 3. People in stage 2 show off to stage 1. People in stage 3 are busy succeeding and further refining their craft.

Which sounds most like you at the moment?