It’s rare to solve a problem that previously had no solution at all.

It’s also often unprofitable since there’s usually not a developed market there.

But when we’re in a sales environment, this fact sometimes gets forgotten:

“You need to buy this if you’re going to X.” Do we, really? Is there no other path for us to reach our goal, than the one you’re pitching to us?

“You’re going to miss out if you don’t X today.” Maybe, but is that as big of a deal to us as it is to you? Are you pushing because it matters more to you or because it matters more for us?

“There are many ways, but this way is straight, simple, well-defined and on good terms.” That’s more like it. Show us a way to where we want to go and make the path straight. We’re interested now.

The path that our body of work paves to a solution need not be the only path. We don’t buy because it’s the only path. More likely, we’ll buy because you made the path straight for us.