Our egos aren’t going to enjoy this one. Here we go:

We’re not amazing. You and I, that is. We’re not born with unique undefinable, un-refineable skills that the world desperately needs. What we do have is the ability to work hard with humility, to create process, and make great things as a result.

Our teams aren’t amazing. But if we all have the disciplines of humility and hard work above, we can produce great things. That’s far more desirable by the marketplace than the ability to produce delusion that distances one’s self from reality by ego.

Our clients aren’t amazing. Forgetting this leads to starstruck abandonment of our ability to think critically and deliver our best work. A great client shouldn’t receive worse output from us than the rest, should they?

Humility and hard work often lead to the perception of “amazing”. But believing that you are often leads to the loss of humility and hard work.

The question is, do we want to produce great things?