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October 06, 2020     Daily Post

Teflon Product Design

Teflon Product Design

Companies are desperate for stickier, more addictive designs for their products and services.

Facebook execs, for instance, are guilty of taking pages out of Big Tobacco’s book, to deliberately make their products stickier.

Tools like Slack and Twitter reward nervous energy, revealing things that you may otherwise fear missing out on.

We need more Teflon (non-stick) products:

Products that get the job done then ask you to leave. One that truly solves the problem, rather than drawing us into a company’s insecurities about ‘churn’.

Products that expel nervous energy rather than creating and rewarding it. Because the peace and calm such products create are scarce commodities these days, and one we’d do well to tell others about.

Products that make us useful when we share it with others, rather than drug dealers. Because getting people addicted to something isn’t as cool as simply making their lives better.

Feels relaxing just thinking about it, doesn’t it?