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March 24, 2018     Daily Post

Useful distraction

What is ‘distraction’?

It’s an interruption of thought or attention; something we see as a negative, something to be overcome.

What if distractions had something to teach us?

  • A thought gap: A distraction may be telling you there’s something to start, perhaps in your team, that hasn’t happened yet (E.g. “I keep reading about this exciting market shift… perhaps we should do something about it?”)
  • Change needed: Or it may be telling you there’s something to stop–or change–that may have become extraneous or better suited to another team member (E.g. “These reports literally never get read, I dread having to write them.”)

We all get distracted. Perhaps there’s such a thing as a ‘useful distraction’, if we listen to what it’s trying to tell us.