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October 03, 2020     Daily Post

A Different Way Of Doing Things

A Different Way Of Doing Things

Do you have one?

You probably do:

If you’re passionate about your work, there will likely be parts of your industry you can’t stand. Be it a certain sales tactic or production method, if you model a different way of doing things, we want to know.

We want to see what’s broken. We want to see how you fixed it.

For instance, you may decide to not track people on Facebook or Google because you think people deserve their privacy. Or you may decide to forgo a marketing “trick” because dark patterns and manipulation are disrespectful to your valued customers.

These elevations in reverence for your audience and commitments to your craft help us see who you are, what sets you apart, why we should choose you.

We’ll attract people who believe the same things we do. Who value what we value.

It’s a two-way valve, too: modeling a different way of doing things that your audience wishes existed in the world (and then telling them about it) works in exactly the same way.

You probably have a different way of doing things.

Show us.