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September 30, 2020     Daily Post

We learn when we’re surprised

We learn when we’re surprised

In school and in sales letters, it’s that which surprises and relates to us that we remember most.

A company that has a new and improved product for a low low price? Yawn, seen it all before, and we’ll see it all again.

An internet marketer with an ‘irresistible offer’ of a limited-stock ebook? Yawn, next.

A company that features our world, our story, our pains and our goals right on the homepage? Gosh, how did they know? We’re surprised, we’re interested, we remember.

It just so happens that the most surprising – and delightful – experience our audience is likely to encounter, is one that ought to be the least surprising and least exciting: the story of the world they already live in, told right back to them.