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September 23, 2020     Daily Post

The Problem With The Eisenhower Matrix

The Problem With The Eisenhower Matrix

Ever seen the Eisenhower Matrix?

Careful, it could turn you into a workaholic robot. Here’s how to avoid that.

It suggests that Urgent + Important = Do Now. In reality, to build work that matters and enjoy the ride, Urgent + Important = A situation you should design out of your life. Who wants to design a life or business based on perpetual streams of critical firefighting?

Same applies for Urgent + Not Important.

Next, it suggests that Not Urgent + Not Important = Delete. In reality, we all need room for this slot. This is where, for instance, reading a book not related to your field that broadens your thinking and helps you to see new possibilities comes from.

Finally, it suggests that Not Urgent + Important = Decide when to do it. This is something we can agree with. This is, in fact, what most of our work should be. We should aspire for this to not be bucket #2, but bucket #1.

Great work happens when we spend time doing things important to the creation of that work, without alarm bells going off in the background all the time.