The race to automate a business or marketing campaign is both alluring and the path to your demise.

When the landing page can be made in only 3 clicks and the rest is done by the machine, where’s the messy human connection?

When the copy on the page is mostly templates, swipe files and generators, where’s the messy human connection?

When the digital advertising is targeted and follows you around the web like a stalker, where’s the messy human connection?

The automated stuff is popular because it creates a stable, predictable (albeit with increasingly diminishing) results for people eager to replace themselves with machines.

That leaves our audiences with a choice to make: to buy from the machine who now appears to run the company, or to buy from someone brave enough to maintain a messy human connection.

What makes your work human is what enables it to connect more deeply with those you wish to serve. Don’t hand over the keys to the machines just yet.