If you do work that matters, you probably experience the feeling of “too much to do” fairly regularly.

Perhaps you have 50 things to do today. 50!

50 things to do in one day is a lot of things.

But if it’s actually just 5 things to do with 10 small pieces in each, it’s much easier to handle.

Especially when 4 of those things don’t need doing until the end of the week.

Turns out there was only one thing you needed to do today.

See how that works?

We can achieve lots, with calm, while enjoying the ride, if we slow down enough to organize our thoughts and actions before jumping on them.

As you go through this week, consider how a little more organization can offset a whole load of ill-prepared, unordered, stressful work that could have been either enjoyed or avoided altogether.

Doesn’t that sound more fun?