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September 07, 2020     Daily Post

Ship What You Can

Ship What You Can

Every great project brims with an overflow of ideas. They seemingly never stop coming.

That’s a good thing: it reveals a passion to create and a commitment to see it through.

The problem emerges when we either:

A: Try to do it all in version 1: It won’t all fit in version 1, and version 1 isn’t version 1 if it all fits in. The beauty of version 1 is found in the absence of the rest, an exciting reminder of what comes next.

B: Don’t get started because it’s too big: Nothing is big, they’re just small things put together. Seeing the small things gives us the luxury of working on big things, one step at a time.

Ship what you can today. Then do the same again tomorrow. That’s how big things happen.