How do you feel about imperfection?

Think about the last time you created something, that wasn’t quite there yet.

How did it make you feel? Probably, one of these two ways:

I’ve gone both ways, many times.

Both responses cause action: One with motivation to improve, and the other with a fear of staying imperfect.

Anything worth creating, in order to be created, must also be imperfect.

Letting go of perfection allows us to live, and to create.

Hopefully, to create an imperfect step toward a better product, community, or world.


Create Instead

Consuming entertainment is easy.

We’ve had so much practice, you’d think it’d be easy by now!

What many of us have much less practice in, is Creating things.

Creating is essential to improving the lives of others. It too, can be fun.

It isn’t as easy, though: most adults don’t have as much practice. Creating is a habit, just like Consuming is. It’s one you can learn.

When you get the itch to consume, consider creating something instead.

Even if it stinks, it’s better than nothing, which is all you’d have if you never given it a shot, anyway!

Create instead. Who knows what you’ll end up with?


About Decisions

“I’ll decide later.”

I tell myself this sometimes. You probably do too.

“Not sure how to reply to this email. I’ll mark as unread for now.”

“I’m not sure if that’s the right thing to do. I’ll come back to it.”

Decisions left unmade can start to take up a lot of mental space, preventing you from focusing on solving new (or better) problems.

Take a few minutes to consider…

…then decide.

The worst place to stop is at a cross-roads; that’s how car accidents happen. If you were wrong, turn around and decide again.

To make an impact, we need to free ourselves of the weight of unmade decisions, so that we can focus on what’s next.

The world needs you.


Small Thoughts

Do you have Small Thoughts?

Small Thoughts = “Extracts from an imaginary world where your growth is stunted, and your possibilities limited.

When you make something, a Small Thought sounds a bit like this:

“There, finished. Now, I’m not clear on what it is just yet, but I’m certain that there’s something about what I’ve just created is sufficiently terrible to warrant the complete and utter demise of everything I’ve ever worked for, and the desolation of all I hold dear.”

What small thoughts are you thinking right now?

Sometimes you may notice them.

What are they telling you?

How could they be limiting your work?

Where did they come from? Who did they come from?

How are they holding you back?

What are you going to do about it?

How would life change if you asked yourself these questions every day?


Why do business?

What business are you in?

A business exists for one of two reasons.

One reason, is to get rich and fat.

The other reason, is to make the world better.

These options are true for employees, as well as business owners. And you can only choose one.

The wealthy know which one to choose.

Good businesses makes a difference. I wish more people believed that. And either started businesses, or chose the businesses they work for, because of the better world they could create, rather than “because Ferrari”.


1 hard method to increase focus and productivity I'm doing right now

Last weekend, I decided I was going to pick up an old habit that I’d let go of.

It was a habit that made me feel great about myself. It was both distracting and helped focus at the same time.

When I told people about it, there was almost never a negative word said about it.

When I first told my wife about it, she first asked “why would you want to do that?” then understood. When I told friends, their first reaction was the same. Then they understood too.

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