Are you an online business owner?

There's something interesting going on in your blogosphere right now. There's a great content divide, and your daily reading falls victim to it.

You see, business bloggers teach peers how they run businesses. Similarly, bloggers in the User Experience world teach peers how to develop experiences that connect their clients to their audiences. They write using educated psychobabble that any self-respecting User Experience specialist revels reading.

I know I do.

Those two worlds seldom collide, though. Business owners don't get to experience a world of knowledge that could set their businesses apart from their competition, because the content focuses on how to practice it, not why those practices can benefit your next quarterly statement.

As someone with experience in both worlds, I'm in the process of creating content that teaches business owners how to create engaging, memorable experiences between their businesses and their target audiences, in language they'll understand.

It's a world of knowledge that you, as a business owner, may never have encountered before. Your competition may never have encountered it, either.

If you're interested in giving your business an edge with this content, tap the green button below to get started and I'll let you know when it's ready. It's all free, and hopefully priceless to you at the same time.