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August 30, 2020     Daily Post

Tui Shou Marketing

Tui Shou Marketing

Ever watched a performance of ‘Tui shou’?

You’ll find a video of two individuals practicing “push hands” tai chi, moving slowly in response to the actions of each other.

Those actions aren’t forceful, combative reactions designed to overpower an opponent. They’re complimentary, harmonising responses designed to guide a participant.

What a beautiful metaphor for marketing.

Marketing activities shouldn’t be about forceful reactions to user behaviour. Businesses and individuals engaged in marketing practices aren’t engaged in combat, yet most marketing vernacular is combative. “Who’s the ‘target’? What ‘campaign’ is active? What ‘competitive intelligence’ have you developed this month?”

Marketing activities should be about complimentary, harmonising responses designed to guide people. Helping people move from where they are, where they want to be. No force is applied, only the realignment of energy exerted by those trying to create change.

How could your marketing work be a little less combative, and a little more “Tui shou”?