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August 22, 2020     Daily Post

You Rewired Your Brain

You Rewired Your Brain

…And you didn’t even realize it.

You don’t remember anymore, not like you used to. You used to remember information and when someone asked where you learned it, you would struggle to recall where it came from. The information was what was important, not the source.

We bookmark more, now. Bookmarks are more valuable than information, because knowing where to get the information is more valuable when the information is abundant and always in our pockets.

And so our brains adapted. Now we’re smarter not when we remember, but when we know how to access.

Imagine trying to write code without StackOverflow, following procedure without your intranet, or making a long car journey without technology.

As creators of meaningful work, being mindful of our own development helps us to be mindful of how to develop better work.

How could your brain upgrade and consolidation of resources help drive your work forward?