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August 14, 2020     Daily Post

Long Term Decisions

Long Term Decisions

Social distancing is an interesting opportunity for people doing meaningful work…on location.

Many conversations sprung up online asking what to do, such as this one where an individual has a partner who may have contracted COVID:

“We’re booked 9 days out with jobs, do I just cancel/reschedule all these if I’m positive? Not sure what to do in this situation.”

We can use opportunities like these to benefit short-term or long-term, but not both.

Which narrative do we tell?

Option 1: You revere your client and consider the responsibility of their care to be of utmost importance. You won’t put them at risk, even when it puts you at a disadvantage. People choose you because you’ve elevated yourself above your competitors in ways they haven’t yet been able to articulate (and if the opportunity were to arise, it is as yet unclear how they’d respond).

Option 2: You risk their health, but you get paid, today. They may or may contract the virus too, and they may or may not blame you for it.

We get to choose.

Our choices will be recognized and remembered by our clients.

The decisions you make today may not be COVID-serious. But our decisions matter: which route do you take, the one that benefits everyone long-term, or the one that benefits you short-term?