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August 13, 2020     Daily Post

Then The World Explodes

Then The World Explodes

When we (really) move our work from Product-focused to Customer-focused, we go through massive “IDK” (“I don’t know”).

We don’t know what to do, for a moment. Because our product and marketing roadmaps were based entirely upon what we want to do, what we want to achieve.

We don’t know what to feel, for a moment. Because our affections had been with our work, our craft, our vision for ourselves… rather than our audience, their needs, and their vision for themselves.

Then the world explodes, in size. We realize how much nuance and detail exists in their word that we’d not appreciated before. Why they behave as they do, what their ambitions are, and why. The deeper we go, the more we experience.

This is true of every type of customer we pursue.

If you don’t believe it, you’ve not gone deep enough.

Did the world explode for you yet?