It’s not cold email that’s the problem.

Or retargeting ads, or salespeople calling you on the phone, or direct mail in your postbox.

The problem is value-less, care-less, self-absorbed nature by which these channels are utilised by the vast majority of businesses.

The short-term solution is to cut off such activities, apply to DoNotCall lists, and throw all full-colour mail straight in the garbage. But it’s not a long-term solution, is it?

We love receiving gifts in the mail. We love reading thoughtful messages from thoughtful people. We love calls that make our day. We love buying things that help us move forward in business and in life.

The difference is focus: is it about you, or is it about them? Is it sent because of the story you’re telling yourself, or because you want them to receive it as part of the story they’re telling themselves?

Be a part of the solution.